Boost your immunity the delicious way

You don’t need us to tell you that the pressures of living in our manic society can have adverse effects on your health. Stress, environmental pollutants and cold weather all impact our immune systems, causing an imbalance of free radicals in our bodies. The result is premature ageing and illness. To help neutralise these free radicals, it’s important to consume foods rich in antioxidants.

Fruits, vegetables and grains are all rich sources of antioxidants but it can be hard for us busy folk to eat the quantity required to completely fight free radicals.

Take a proactive and convenient (not to mention delicious) approach to bolstering your immune system with the AntiOx range of Snack Bars and Chocolates. Yes, that’s right - snack bars and chocolate can help you stay well.    

That’s because AntiOx products are enriched with ancient antioxidant super fruits and grains, known for centuries as powerhouses of health and wellbeing.

We’ve traipsed the planet to bring you the best of ancient super fruits and grains: acai (pronounced ‘ah-sa-ee’) from Brazil, goji (go-jee) from the Himalayas, pomegranate from the Middle East, chia from Southern Mexico and Guatemala, and quinoa from across South America.

Each carefully-selected ingredient is packed with amazingly high levels of natural antioxidants.

To top it all off, AntiOx products are made using 70% cocoa, sugar free dark chocolate - an ingredient that on its own contains very high levels of antioxidants and imparts numerous health benefits. Excess calories are eliminated by removing the sugar and using natural, plant-based sweetener, stevia instead.

Measuring antioxidant levels:

Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) is an independent measure that rates the antioxidant value of all foods. As a guide, we need a daily ORAC intake of 3,500-5,000 units to stay healthy. AntiOx Snack Bars have an ORAC rating of 7,000, while AntiOx Chocolates have an ORAC value of 26,000 per 80g block. Combined with a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, AntiOx products can significantly boost your antioxidant intake.   

The AntiOx range is available in the health food aisle of all good supermarkets, health food stores, pharmacies and convenience stores.