Sleep helps the brain re-set  

Are you a morning person? Do you feel refreshed, raring to go and full of ideas when you begin your working day? Scientists believe there could be a reason for this.

Recent research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison studied the sleeping brain to determine exactly what purpose sleep plays in healthy brain function.    

They found that the brain “re-sets” itself when we sleep - clearing less relevant information, consolidating significant memories and making room for the new material we’ll learn tomorrow.

When we lack sleep, the brain is not ready to receive new information the next day - making us irritable and inefficient. (Don’t we all know that feeling!)

The study was led by neuroscientist and psychiatrist Giulio Tononi. He observed the sleeping brain to exhibit strong brainwaves and extrapolated this to indicate that the brain was unwinding - clearing out unnecessary information during the night.

Tononi’s research is ground-breaking in that it examines the true purpose of sleep.

He hypothesises that sleep gives the brain’s synapses the chance to slow down to minimal levels. Considering the brain uses 80 per cent of its energy powering synaptic activity, it’s not hard to imagine why sleep is so important.