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How We Work

In addition to WHAT we do (create great wellness brands and products that positively influence lives), we also believe strongly in HOW we go about doing it.

Our Purpose, Promise and Values provide us with the vision to inspire us and are strongly embedded into our culture. Our performance is guided by four strategic pillars:


All Vitality people are committed to helping the company deliver sustainable financial value as this ensures a successful future for all of us.


All Vitality people want to improve our skills so we can develop both professionally and personally, whilst also helping the business deliver on its’ strategic goals.


All Vitality people understand that we achieve better outcomes when we work collaboratively.


All Vitality people love making a meaningful difference in the way we do business and sharing our profits to help influence people’s lives in positive ways.

What it's Like Working at Vitality

Support You To Be The Best You Can Be

We understand to grow our business; we must grow our people. All of us have access to Learning & Development opportunities, regular Performance Reviews & Feedback and Mentorship & Coaching, which is supported by a robust Health and Wellness program and a safe workplace.

Diversity, Inclusion & Gender Equality

We respect each other and treat each other as equals. We welcome and actively embrace difference, focusing on individuals’ level of performance, experience, skill and strengths.

Work/Life Balance

We have a ‘Work hard, Play hard’ mantra within a very family (and dog!) friendly workplace. We celebrate our work achievements and support those private accomplishments at home, on the sports fields, in galleries and volunteering commitments.

Our Health & Wellness program is designed to promote balance.

Fun & Safe Workplace

We enjoy working in our Vitality community together. We are offered to use sit/stand desks, communal areas with organic coffee to take a break in, lots of greenery around the office, opportunity to feed our pet fish, attend very regular and different events run by the social committee and join walking groups.

Being a part of Something Bigger

We all believe we are part of something special for people and the planet. We know we are making a difference to our lives and positively impacting on many others.

We are excited and proud about where we are going.

Current Opportunities

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