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Vitality Social Impact Program

At Vitality, our common Purpose is to build a company of financial value and positive social worth. This is set out in the Vitality Promise:

"We will offer products that help people feel healthier and happier. Whilst doing this we will behave ethically, respect the planet and share our profits to leave a positive social legacy."

Our Promise is our way to ensure we have a positive social and environmental imprint on the world through our products, practices and profits.

To ensure we fulfill our promise, we have a Social Impact program spanning the following categories:

Ethical Business

We believe in the idea of "Business for Good" and we are taking proactive steps to ensure all aspects of our business are conducted ethically and sustainably. This includes the ethical sourcing and sustainable design of our products, and reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Social Partnerships

Like Business for Good, we are also creating "Brands for Good". We believe our brands are a platform to create a positive social impact and we have committed part profits generated from sales of our products to give back to worthwhile causes.

V3: Giving Back

We are also pleased to introduce the Vitality Social Impact Bank, V3. This program will offer our communities "Funds for Good" and is a key component to delivering the Vitality Promise: to share our profits and to leave a positive social legacy. We look forward to sharing our V3 stories with you here.

Partnership with MND Australia

The Vitality Brands Take a Break from MND program has been running now since 2010. The program, which has won a Victorian Disability Sector Award, is focused on improving the lives of those living with motor neurone disease (MND). 

MND is an insidious and degenerative disease that currently has no effective treatment or cure. It can affect anyone of any age, though from diagnosis, average future life expectancy is just 27 months. The MND journey is unforgiving, often leaving those affected in financial stress, with the mental burden of experiencing loss of strength and movement, and feeling detached from their families, friends and the outside world.

Take a Break empowers MND Advisors to offer their clients – individuals living with MND – a $500 contribution to help them purchase something they personally consider important to their wellbeing. This could include flights to see family, an iPad to enable continued communication, garden and home maintenance when they can no longer do it themselves, concert tickets to enjoy a night out with their partner, in-home massage and so forth. 

Since its inception, Take a Break has assisted over 300 families in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, contributing over $185,000.