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We're taking action on climate change

We are certified 100% Low CO2 by the Carbon Reduction Institute

Vitality Brands Worldwide has an intrinsic commitment to the environment. We are therefore very proud of our Low CO2 Certification from the Carbon Reduction Institute – Australia’s most reliable and experienced carbon consulting company.

Vitality Brands offsets 100 per cent of its operational emissions.

To achieve this important certification, we undertook a full audit of our operational carbon emissions. We now have an inventory of all our operational emissions, measured per tonne of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. This includes emissions from:

  • Staff road and air travel
  • Electricity and gas
  • Waste and recycling

Our carbon inventory allows us to clearly understand our emissions, determining how to reduce and offset them.

Vitality offsets every tonne of carbon emitted through our operations by purchasing a carbon credit. These credits help fund wind and solar projects in China.

​​​The China Wind and China Solar Projects provide renewable, clean energy sources for power, significantly reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and the emission of harmful air pollutants such as sulphur and nitrous oxides, helping reduce negative health impacts.

Creating a Positive Social Legacy

At Vitality, we have a Promise:

Our Promise challenges us to create a positive social and environmental imprint on the world through our practices, products and profits.

Ethical and Sustainable Business Practices

So what does acting ethically and respecting the planet mean to us at Vitality?

It means ensuring the highest standards of ethical sourcing and product stewardship across all brands, from ingredients and packaging, to energy reduction, carbon offsetting, waste minimisation, and more.

Supplier engagement

Vitality has joined the movement of Australian businesses and consumers who accept that companies have a direct role to play in improving the working conditions throughout supply chains both here in Australia and around the world. Our ethical sourcing approach is reinforced with the Vitality Supplier Code of Conduct.

Active members of the Australian Packaging Covenant

Vitality is a proud signatory of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation, a co-regulatory, non-profit organisation that partners with government, industry and business to reduce the harmful impact of packaging on the Australian environment.

Carbon neutral electricity

Part of every dollar we spend on electricity taken from “the grid” is used by our power company to offset our carbon emissions. This means we can happily say our electricity is carbon neutral.

Australasian Recycling Label

Knowing what packaging can be recycled can be difficult, particularly as accepted items vary across Australian councils. At Vitality, we recognise this confusion and have signed up to Australasian Recycling Label (ARL), an on-pack initiative of Planet Ark that seeks to reduce confusion about recycling.

Brand Partnerships

We work to create brands that are platforms for positive social impact.

We do this by offering products that help people feel healthier and happier and create strong partnerships with organisations to address important social and environmental issues.

Enduring partnership with Cancer Council Australia

The Cancer Council of Australia is the leading cancer charity in Australia with the mission of leading a cohesive approach to reduce the impact of cancer. Today, there are more than 1.1 million Australians who are either living with cancer of who have survived a diagnosis. To learn more about the Cancer Council, visit cancer.org.au

Vitality has partnered with the Cancer Council of Australia for over 14 years delivering over $12 million through the sale of Vitality products.

V3 Social Impact Fund

Bringing positivity to people’s lives has always been a focus for Vitality Brands.

The Vitality Social Impact Fund called V3 is dedicated to creating partnerships that create real and meaningful impact so that we can influence lives in positive ways.

“V3 arose as we looked to expand our contribution to and relationship with our communities. Vitality has always been passionate about a number of causes and organisations but V3 allows us to grow and multiply that impact.” - James Wright, Managing Director.

The Vitality ‘Take a Break’ from Motor Neurone Disease (MND) program

The ‘Take a Break’ from MND program was initiated by Vitality to focus on improving the quality of life for those living with this disease. Based on the premise of ‘until there’s a cure, there’s care,’ ‘Take a Break’ empowers Counsellors from the MND Associations in Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia to offer MND sufferers and their families a $500 grant to spend on something they consider important to their wellbeing.

Since 2010, Take a Break has assisted more than 500 families and won a Victorian Government Disability Sector Award in 2014.

African Kids in Need (AKIN) Bakari Micro-Loans Program (Kenya)

AKIN was founded in 2007 after the sudden closure of an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, which left hundreds of orphaned and abandoned children displaced. Since that time, AKIN has funded every one of these children through primary, secondary and often tertiary level schooling so that they be given the opportunity to achieve their full potential.

Nairobi born Managing Director, James Wright, has personally partnered with AKIN for the last six years and has since implemented a micro-loans program called Bakari (Swahili for ‘shows great promise’) for those AKIN graduates who wish to start their own businesses. He has financed 8 loans and conducts monthly business mentorship meetings with each loan recipient via Skype.

© Baan Nokkamin Foundation

Baan Nokkamin Foster Home Sponsorship Program (Thailand)

Baan Nokkamin is a foundation dedicated to supporting and educating orphaned, drug addicted and/or homeless children through a network of foster homes in Thailand. Executive Director, Richard Meyrick, personally supports Baan Nokkamin foster children and the operations of the organisation. Having children of his own and a father who grew up and forged a life without his parents, he particularly values putting his own time and effort into providing opportunities to these children who have had a difficult early stage of their lives.

© Surfing Victoria

Surfing Victoria Stand Up Paddle Board Program

Director, Ian Jarman, has always believed in the positive outcomes that sport generates. His passion project with Surfing Victoria empowers and promotes health, social inclusion and sustainability through sport by offering a diverse range of Australian communities’ access to new surfing activities.

Surfing Victoria has initiated numerous health and environmental initiatives to which their ‘Stand Up’ program is one example that provides an entry-level introduction to surfing for indigenous youth across Victoria.

Our Tribe

The Vitality Tribe also fundraises for a range of causes close to their heart. Some recent causes include The Smith Family, The Big Issue, You Have a Friend, It Takes a Town, Mukuru Clean Stoves and Solemen Bali.