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The Take a Break from MND program

Vitality Brands helps those living with motor neurone disease and their families “Take a Break from MND”.

Vitality Brands has been partnering with MND Victoria for over two years now, and has recently extended its assistance to MND Tasmania. In supporting the Take a Break program, Vitality helps make a difference to the lives of those living with MND. The aim of Take a Break is to assist those living with MND and their families to attain the things they feel they need for their wellbeing.

The concept of wellbeing is intrinsic to Vitality’s values, and links with its belief that its people, brands and products can have a positive influence on people’s lives. Similarly, MND Victoria aims to help its clients live a quality life, filled with memorable experiences. Vitality Brands provides tens of thousands of dollars towards this goal.

So what does “take a break” entail? After all, different people take “breaks” in different ways. Some enjoy a holiday – whether that’s a weekend away, or an overseas trip. For others, it’s just something that makes life easier. It could be as simple as a new washing machine, or an iPad that allows one to read if they cannot hold a book and turn the pages.

It could be something that brings enjoyment – dining out in a nice restaurant, or a stress-relieving massage for the patient and their carer, for instance. 

The program also helps people with MND feel less isolated and more a part of the community – affording them simple things like computers with internet access, or allowing them to pay their car registration so they can continue going out with their friends.

While others may take these things simple things for granted, the financial pressures of living with MND can often render life’s comforts unaffordable. Furthermore, people living with MND and their loved ones are often plagued with emotional and mental anxiety and the chance to take a break is a most welcome relief.

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Vitality Brands Managing Director James Wright supports
MND by "Walking to D'Feet" and through the
Take a Break from MND program.