No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate  


Treat yourself to a guilt-free indulgence

Well Naturally No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate is just as creamy, just as smooth, just as sweet as your favourite milk chocolate, but without the extra calories of added sugar.

 It’s naturally sweetened with stevia: a plant-based sweetener, which has zero calories and no impact on blood sugar levels.

Retaining only the natural sugars present in the milk ingredients, Well Naturally No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate has around 80% less sugar than regular milk chocolate.

Jaffa Orange is smooth, velvety and melt-in-your mouth decadent with cheeky notes of sweet, zesty orange.

Peppermint Chip is just as creamy and indulgent, yet mingled with a palate dazzling sprinkling of crunchy, sugar-free peppermint chips.

Well Naturally has launched the new flavours following the success of existing No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate varieties, Creamy Milk and Fruit & Nut.

And in the Well Naturally Sugar Free Dark Chocolate range, Peppermint Chip and Valencia Orange are the best-selling flavours.

In reality though, the only way to convince yourself of just how deliciously delightful these new flavours are, is to try them yourself.

Created in response to consumer demand for a better-for-you milk chocolate treat, Well Naturally No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate has arrived!

That creamy, velvety-smooth chocolate experience you desire will now appeal to your tastebuds, and your guilty conscience, thanks to Well Naturally No Added Sugar Milk Chocolate.

We’ve replaced the sweetness of sugar with natural, plant-based sweetener, stevia. Unlike sugar, stevia has no calories. The result is a delicious, creamy, milk chocolate delight that has around 80% less sugar (and 80% less guilt) that regular milk chocolate. So, who needs sugar?!

And the taste? One bite and you’ll be convinced - this healthier treat tastes just like the milk chocolate you love - only without the unwanted calories from added sugar normally found in your favourite chocolate.