About Us

Vitality Brands Worldwide, is an Australian owned and operated company that has been the Official Licensee of Cancer Council Australia sunscreens and cosmetics since 2004.

Cancer Council Australia sunscreen is Australia’s No. 1 selling sunscreen brand with a wide range of formulas to suit various skin types, lifestyle requirements and preferences. The range includes body sunscreens and facial sunscreens, including those with specific skincare benefits.

Cancer Council Australia sunscreen has won numerous accolades, being voted the Most Trusted Sunscreen by Readers Digest three years running and Travellers’ Favourite by Trip Advisor for three consecutive years. Cancer Council Australia sunscreen is often the first choice for people who know the importance of sun protection for themselves and their families.

Over the past 15-years Vitality Brands Worldwide, in partnership with Cancer Council Australia, has helped contribute royalties to Cancer Council Australia which helps to fund vital cancer research, prevention programs, advocacy and support services for those affected by cancer. Sales from all Cancer Council Australia products help fund cancer research and services.

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