Our Story. So Far…


“I was a corporate road warrior”

Regional President for Asia Pacific for a billion-dollar multi-national food company, I suffered one of your more classic “burn-outs”. I was overweight, disconnected from home and felt chained to a job which took me away overseas from Sunday night to Saturday morning.

I was forced to make the biggest choice of my first 40 years: give away the money and prestige of a high-profile job, or give away my home, family, health and my sanity. I chose to give away the former. At about the same time, my friend and corporate financier, Richard Meyrick, suffered a near-fatal heart attack – aged 38. As a result of these experiences, and the period of reflection following them, Richard and I chose to get together in 2003 to form Vitality Brands: a good-for-you wellness products company that promoted the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. A few years later, a third business partner, Ian Jarman joined Richard and I on our journey, bringing his incredibly positive ‘mojo’ to the Vitality culture.

Vitality was founded with one openly declared Purpose: to build a company of both sustainable financial value and positive social worth, and Richard, Ian and myself have held true to this over the ensuing years.

Today, we employ over 50 like-minded people, and together, we have grown to become the No.1 brand in the large Australian sun protection market, and have developed an exciting and growing presence in the emerging topical magnesium and vegan body care markets. We sell our brands in over 20 countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Whilst doing this, we work hard to ‘walk the talk’ regarding ethical and sustainable business practices and have developed many social impact initiatives that have proudly benefited a wide array of community and environmental causes.

If you had asked me then, whether our common Purpose would be embraced by so many highly professional and warm-hearted people in our tribe at Vitality, I would probably have had my doubts. Back in 2003, financial and social considerations were not really spoken about in the same breath, but I knew that doing good would eventually be good for business. It was just a matter of time for the world to catch up.

Today, our intention is inscribed in the Vitality Promise:

We will offer products that make people feel healthier and happier. Whilst doing this, we will act ethically, respect the planet and share our profits to leave a positive social legacy.

Our Purpose and our Promise are our guiding lights and are there to remind us all about what we are striving to achieve together: to influence peoples’ lives in positive ways.

James Wright
Managing Director

Richard Meyrick

Executive Director
Business core focus: Commercial & Business

James Wright

Founder and Managing Director
Business core focus: Sales, Marketing & Innovation

Ian Jarman

Business core focus: People & Culture