Purpose, Promise & Values.

Our Purpose, Promise and Values provide us with the vision to inspire us and are strongly embedded into our culture.

Our Purpose

In place since the company was founded, our common Purpose helps give meaning to why we do what we do. The Vitality Brands Purpose is to build a company of both sustainable financial value and positive social worth.

Our Values

Our Values have been in place since Vitality was founded. They help guide us as to how we treat each other and everyone with whom we do business​.
Our Vitality Values are as follows:
✓ Vitality people always do the right thing.
✓ Vitality people know that together we’re better.
✓ Vitality people go the extra yard.
✓ Vitality people have a voice, and use it courageously and constructively.

Our Promise

Our Promise helps define what we do and the positive legacy we hope to leave whilst doing it. We Promise to offer products that help people feel healthier and happier. Whilst doing this, we will behave ethically, respect the planet, and share our profits to leave a positive social legacy. In in this way, we hope to influence lives in positive ways.