EpZen launches a new range to cover wellness from head to toe!

Posted 21st October, 2020

Soothe your sole…

With the new EpZen Soothe Feet Range

Vitality’s Australian wellbeing brand EpZen has been promoting mindfulness for many years through its premium magnesium body care range. Amid these uncertain times, taking steps to restore inner calm and mental wellbeing is ever-important.

EpZen products encourage self-nurturing through rituals that allow us to become present and attuned with our senses using the power of aromatherapy.

EpZen believes true mindfulness involves awareness and care for one’s entire body, from head to toe. However, many of us lead demanding lifestyles and our feet are often overlooked. Now, EpZen is putting feet first with a complete, at-home foot care collection to rescue weary soles.

Introducing the EpZen Soothe Feet Range. This selection of premium magnesium products is the ultimate treat for feet. It encompasses a Soak, Tonic and Balm; each created with a carefully-crafted blend of 100 per cent natural essential oils including peppermint, eucalyptus and Australian tea tree.

Incorporated to soften, soothe and invigorate fatigued feet, these oils are also known for their anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and deodorising properties. Additionally, transdermal absorption of magnesium can help ease inflammation of tired, achy feet.

Prepare for the ultimate pedi-pamper

Take the EpZen Soothe Feet ritual: 

Uplift with Magnesium Foot Soak – welcome relief for those on their feet over prolonged periods. It calms and re-energises tired, aching soles. Alternatively, pacify with Magnesium Foot Tonic. It relieves aching feet while nourishing the skin.

Complete your ritual with Magnesium Foot Balm to imbue skin with moisture and nourishment.

As you nurture your feet with the EpZen Soothe Feet Range, you will also receive the benefits of aromatherapy to promote a positive mood state:

Now you’re ready to continue on life’s journey, putting your best foot forward.

The EpZen Soothe Feet Range is available online: epzen.com.au

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