Our Teams

We have a diverse bunch of talented and unique individuals here at Vitality. Something we all have in common is our belief in that together, we’re better. Find out more about our specialised teams here.


Our R&D team wakes up every day with the mission to help people feel healthier and happier. Our holistic approach reflects this mission – it is both innovative & thorough. Our products success’ stems from rigorously tested scientific research, the latest global trends, deep technical expertise, dedication and innovation.


Our Marketing team works closely and collaboratively across various functions of the business to build innovative, market leading brands. The marketing environment is energetic, fast paced and a place for out of the box thinking, ownership and leadership. Driven by research, strategy and an end-user lens, our best ideas take place when we dive into the market and view the category through a consumer’s eyes.


Our Design team are experienced in creative product development and the implementation of new concepts and ideas. With the fast paced movement of trends, we aim for creativity combined with longevity, ensuring our fingers are always on the pulse. Our designers contribute to business growth and success through effective creative strategies, managing diverse projects across different brands for different markets.


Our sales team are passionate about putting our customers first, by delivering value and business insights behind our decisions. We aim to extend our company values on to our customers, as we believe in better business for a better world. Our team has a diverse range of experience, allowing us to collaborate with many teams across the business to achieve our shared vision.


Our International team focus on exploring new and established markets globally, on identifying opportunities for each of our brands. With deep insight into consumer trends in each market, this dynamic team have a diverse skill set with strengths in relationship building and knowledge of international regulations.


Our Finance team partners with the entire organisation providing advice, financial analysis and governance that ensures we are making the right decisions and getting the best outcomes aligning to our values. We are continually working hard behind the scenes to support our people, drive efficiencies, and maximise satisfaction for our customers and consumers.

People & Culture

Our people really do come first at Vitality and we really want all our people to be able to perform at their best! Our People & Culture team love discovering innovative ways to: finding great talent; building meaningful and valuable careers and skills; providing a safe, healthy and collaborative environment; and creating a fun work/life balance. We are always keen to listen to our people and learn how we can improve all that we do.

Social Impact

Our Social Impact team works to deliver a leading holistic social impact program that builds the positive social worth of our company, carrying out our Purpose, Promise and Values. Our team ensures the highest standards of ethical sourcing and product stewardship across all brands, as well as running impact-focussed investments in community causes and environmental projects. We are still learning and discovering! Leaving a positive social legacy is both a journey and a destination.

Supply Chain & Operations

Our Supply Chain team focus on ensuring we have the adequate inventory and stock to meet our customer expectations in a manner that is efficient and cost effective. We work with a number of different suppliers domestically and globally to ensure that every product has the highest quality of inputs, is manufactured sustainably and is able to get to our customers on time and in full.