Cause-driven Brands

Our brands are platforms for impact

Our common Purpose is to build a company of financial value and positive social worth. This means we strive to have a positive social and environmental impact on the world through our products, practices and profits. ​

This is set out in our Promise: “We will offer products that help people feel healthier and happier. Whilst doing this we will behave ethically, respect the planet and share our profits to leave a positive social legacy.”

This means that, whilst empowering our consumers with products that help drive positive outcomes and meaningful change for themselves, we also work hard to support important community and environments causes across Australia and the world, whilst inspiring the Vitality tribe to work towards something much greater, together.

We develop brands with purpose:

16-year partnership with Cancer Council Australia

Vitality has partnered with Cancer Council Australia since 2004, as its’ official licensee of the award-winning Cancer Council sunscreens.

Vitality has now contributed over $23 million to Cancer Council Australia, Australia’s number one cancer charity. 

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Helping communities reconnect to calm: EpZen Project Reconnect

EpZen Project Reconnect directly supports those who champion wellbeing in their local communities.

By providing monetary grants to wellness mentors across a range of disciplines, Project Reconnect enables them to easily extend their services to help more and more Australians nurture their own wellbeing. Sales of all EpZen products support Project Reconnect.

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Protecting native landscapes with

The Evodia Grassroots Conservation Fund backs local environmental conservation projects that create real, meaningful impact. Since its recent launch in 2019, the fund has distributed over $20,000. All Evodia purchases help contribute to the fund.

The assistance is not only financial. In the true Australian spirit of helping others, our Vitality tribe is actively involved in the Grassroots program – regularly participating in the planting of trees, grasses and shrubs and harvesting seeds to help revegetate local native bushland and wetlands, enhancing biodiversity and habitat complexity.

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There is always more to do: Vitality is developing strong brand partnerships for each of our brands. We will keep you posted on our progress.