Walking The Talk

Our ethical and sustainable business practices

Since its founding, Vitality has maintained a clear objective to generate positive outcomes for consumers, communities and the environment. As we carry this out, we are taking proactive steps to ensure all aspects of our business are conducted ethically and in an environmentally responsible way.

This includes ensuring the highest standards of ethical sourcing and product stewardship across all brands from our ingredients to packaging, along with a strong focus on energy reduction, carbon offsetting and waste minimisation.

As a team, we have the opportunity to create real, positive impact through business. We also believe it is our collective responsibility. For that reason, each Vitality tribe member is expected to actively support and contribute to our collective efforts within their own role.

Sourcing ethically

We believe that companies have a direct role to play in improving ethical sourcing practices throughout supply chains in Australia and around the world.

We are, therefore, guided by our Ethical Sourcing Roadmap and Vitality Supplier Code of Conduct, which ensures we source based on best practice, due diligence, traceability and transparency.

Packaging sustainability

We believe products should be good from the inside out, that’s why we’re working with the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) to help reduce the harmful impacts of packaging on the environment.

Vitality has been a proud APCO signatory since 2014. As members, we complete an annual Action Plan and Report, which helps to keep us accountable for improving our packaging sustainability year after year.

However, we don’t just rely on APCO. As consumers ourselves, we know how difficult recycling can be, so we take annual field trips to materials recovery facilities, allowing our whole team to see first-hand how packaging is sorted for recycling. This empowers us to recycle better in the office and at home, as well as to design our products for optimal recyclability.

To simplify the process even more, we have also committed to rolling out the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) onto Vitality packaging, an on-pack initiative of Planet Ark that seeks to reduce confusion about recycling. The initiative provides clear information to consumers on how to recycle each component of the packaging.

Vitality is also a proud program partner of REDcycle – Australia’s most innovative recycling solution for soft plastic packaging. The initiative allows consumers to return their soft plastic packaging and plastic bags to your nearest drop off location found via the REDcycle store locator.

Vitality Brands is taking action on climate change

In 2019, we established our very own carbon fund dedicated to investing in the measurement, reduction and offset of our collective carbon footprint over the coming three years and beyond. As our most important environmental initiative to date, we have partnered with the Carbon Reduction Institute, Australia’s most reliable and experienced carbon consulting company, to ensure credibility, transparency and guaranteed carbon reductions and offsets.

Vitality is now is certified 100% Low CO2 

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Evodia Australia products are certified Carbon Neutral Products by the Carbon Reduction Institute. 

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Vitality is also a proud participant in TAKE2, Victoria’s Climate Action Pledge.