10 Years of "Take A Break" Grants For People Living With MND

Posted 30th April, 2020

Celebrating 10 years of the Vitality ‘Take a Break from MND’ program

From our foundation, Vitality Brands has been focused on generating positive outcomes for people, communities and the environment – not only through the wellness products we offer but also by dedicating time and funding to create programs with real impact through the Vitality Social Impact Fund, V3.

Now celebrating its tenth year, the Vitality Take a Break from MND program has helped improve the lives of people and families living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) across Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia. The program provides wellness grants for those impacted by MND, whether someone who is living with MND, their carer or their family. The recipient can spend it on anything they consider important to their personal wellbeing.

Our Managing Director, James Wright was moved to help those with MND after witnessing the effects of the disease on family members and a close friend – lives that were ultimately claimed once the disease progressed.

“When Vitality Brands came to us in 2010 saying they’d like to help us help people with Motor Neurone Disease, we talked about what people with MND need, that we couldn’t give,” explains former MND Victoria CEO, Rod Harris. “We knew people needed a rest from the relentlessness of MND, from the ongoing losses, and they needed a positive, even a small one, that could make a difference, even for a short period of time, in their daily life. It was then that we created Take a Break.”

From the shock of diagnosis, an individual’s experience with MND can range in duration from short to drawn-out. However the journey goes, MND is ultimately unforgiving. As the MND Associations’ motto goes, “until there’s a cure, there’s care”.


For those with MND and their families, the focus becomes maintaining quality of life. That’s where the service of MND Advisors and the Take a Break program can help.

Some ways Take a Break has helped Australians living with MND:

  • Reuniting families: Covering travel costs to help family members spend time together.
  • Connectivity: Purchasing iPads and laptops: to help those losing strength in their hands and arms stay connected.
  • Entertainment: Streaming subscriptions and tickets to concerts and experiences.
  • Home maintenance: Gardening, gutter and window cleaning to maintain a proud home.
  • In-home massages: Soothing stress and pressure while reinvigorating the body.

“What I love about Take a Break is it changes people’s lives. It gives them that break from the impact of MND,” says MND Victoria CEO Kate Johnson. “We approve everyone automatically. We have confidence that there is instant impact for the person with MND and their family.”

“As an MND Advisor, I love and respect the Take a Break program. We can discuss things outside the usual and assist and encourage our clients to take some time to focus on life and living,” says  Eric Kelly, the Team Leader MND Advisor at MND Victoria

Read more about how the Take a Break program is changing people’s lives, earning it a 2015 Victorian Government Disability Sector Award.

To date, Vitality has invested over $250,000 to fund 500+ Take a Break grants for our partners, the MND Associations of Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania. We are also excited to announce our newest partner, the MND Association of Western Australia!

And in credit to the impact of this program, MND Victoria decided to matched Vitality funding of the Take a Break program from 2019 – enabling even more people living with MND to access this unique funding in Victoria.

The joy and empowerment Take a Break provides to people in need and those who help them is something of which our team is very proud. Knowing our work contributes to this wonderful cause is motivating, inspiring and unifying.

Vitality customers should feel proud too – sales of our products help fund Take a Break and other V3 programs!

Watch James participate in the MND Victoria Day Of Hope Live Stream 2020 below to get a better understanding of the history and benefits of the Take a Break program

Day of Hope Livestream 2020

This years Day of Hope will help celebrate and honour those who have been impacted by MND.

Posted by Motor Neurone Disease Association of Victoria on Saturday, May 2, 2020


The Vitality Take a Break from MND program is just one of the ways Vitality shares its profits for the benefit of our communities. This is encapsulated in the Vitality promise:

We will offer products that help people feel healthier and happier. Whilst doing this, we will behave ethically, respect the planet, and share our profits to leave a positive social legacy.


In 2020, Vitality was proud to make the GoodCompany Top 30 Best Workplaces to Give Back 2020 list in recognition of its social impact initiatives.  

We have always known that Vitality is a great place to work and this is in part due to our commitment to creating a positive social legacy together,” says Vitality Brands Social Impact Manager Hayley Wright. “Watching ‘Take a Break’ grow over the years has been a fulfilling experience for many of us at Vitality and we are excited to see where we take the program next! Stay tuned.”

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