Vitality Supports Murwillumbah Flood Recovery

In early 2017, Murwillumbah was hit with a deluge from the rising Tweed River as a result of Tropical Cyclone Debbie. The record floods damaged houses, businesses, local infrastructure and schools. In support of our team and community in Murwillumbah, we made some flood recovery contributions to two local schools to assist with their clean up.

After speaking to the Principals of both East Murwillumbah Primary and Wullumbin High Schools, we learned the Primary School has significant damage to the library, music room, canteen and multiple classrooms, while the High School need help to clean up their yards and purchase new schools uniforms for students whose home lives were affected.

On behalf of PSF, Vitality contributed $1000 to each school to assist with their clean up.

The Wullumbin High School Principal, Karen Connell noted,"we're so appreciative of Vitality Brands' support...we've been supplying uniforms to a few of our students and Vitality Brands' kind generosity has enabled us to provide more items to our students."

East Murwillumbah Primary School Principal Sam Rowsell expressed a similar sentiment, with appreciation for the assistance to get their facilities back on track and to "provide uniforms to our affected students and other classroom supplies"

On a waste management front, over 200 units of EpZen were written off by the floods. As a company with a strong environmental commitment, we did not be send these to landfill. Instead they were delivered to the Wedgetail Retreat, a non-profit palliative hospice care facility in Wurwillumbah. They were distributed to their clients, their families and carers.​

“We believe that being a socially responsible business means we need to actively support the local communities where we can. When the floods occurred, we wanted to show our support and commitment to our local team and the community of Murwillumbah by helping the kids get their lives back to normal as soon as possible.” - James Wright​
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