We Are Now Certified 100% Low CO2

Posted 1st November, 2019

We’re taking action on climate change

Vitality Brands Worldwide has an intrinsic commitment to the environment. We are therefore very proud of our Low CO2 Certification* from the Carbon Reduction Institute – Australia’s most reliable and experienced carbon consulting company.

Vitality Brands offsets 100 per cent of our operational emissions.

To achieve this important certification, we undertook a full audit of our operational carbon emissions. We now have an inventory of all our operational emissions, measured per tonne of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. Our carbon inventory allows us to clearly understand our emissions, determining how to reduce and offset them.

The inventory includes emissions from:

Vitality offsets every tonne of carbon emitted through our operations by purchasing a carbon credit. These credits help fund wind and solar projects in China. ​​​​The China Wind and China Solar Projects provide renewable, clean energy sources for power, significantly reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and the emission of harmful air pollutants such as sulphur and nitrous oxides, helping reduce negative health impacts.

Low Carbon Economy: lowcarboneconomy.com.au/listing/vitality-brands-worldwide.

*Vitality Brands has been certified LowCO2 by the Carbon Reduction Institute (certification #LC385) as of 25 October 2019 under the NoCO2 Program and is in compliance with Program requirements and contractual obligations.

Want to take action in your business? Learn about becoming Low CO2 Certified here: http://noco2.com.au/noco2-business-certification/

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