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The story so far

I was a corporate "road warrior". Regional President for Asia Pacific for a billion-dollar multi-national food company, I suffered one of your more classic "burn-outs". I was overweight, disconnected from home and chained to the jo​b which took me away overseas from Sunday night to Saturday morning.

I was forced to make the biggest choice of my first 40 years: give away the money and prestige of a high profile job, or give away my home, family, health and my sanity. I chose to give away the former.

At about the same time, my friend and corporate financier, Richard Meyrick, suffered a near fatal heart attack – aged 38.

As a result of these experiences, and the period of reflection and research following them, we chose to get together to form Vitality Brands: a good-for-you wellness products company that promoted the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

A few years later, our third Director, Ian Jarman partnered Richard and I. Ian brought his legal and human resourcing proficiency to Vitality.    

Today, Vitality employees 75 like-minded people. Together we are moving the business forward in many wonderful ways. We are working to build our exciting portfolio of health, skincare and lifestyle brands that help people feel healthier and happier, thereby influencing their lives in a positive way.

We are proudly the number one brand in the Australian sun protection market and have an exciting and growing presence in the Australian-sourced bath, body and fragrance markets. We now sell our brands worldwide in over 20 countries in Asia, the Middle East and Europe.

As we do business, we consistently behave ethically, respect the planet and share our profits to leave a positive social legacy.

James Wright
Managing Director

 Vitality Directors

James Wright
James WrightFounder and Managing Director
Business core focus: Sales, Marketing & Innovation
Richard Meyrick
Richard MeyrickExecutive Director
Business core focus: Commercial & Business Development
Ian Jarman
Ian JarmanDirector
Business core focus: People & Culture